Olivia Rodrigo, the queen of heartbreak anthems, takes a slightly different approach in her latest music video, "obsessed." Released as part of the deluxe version of her album "SOUR," the video explores the complexities of jealousy and insecurity in relationships, all wrapped in a visually captivating and playfully self-aware package.

The song itself is a catchy pop track with a darker edge. Gone are the soaring vocals of "drivers license;" instead, Rodrigo delivers a more subdued and introspective performance. The lyrics delve into the obsessive thoughts that can plague someone when they feel insecure in a relationship. Lines like "I know her star sign, I know her blood type" and "She even speaks kindly about me" paint a picture of someone consumed by the details of their boyfriend's ex.

The "obsessed" music video takes inspiration from classic Hollywood musicals and B-movies. Vibrant pastel colors and playful set design create a dreamlike atmosphere, while the exaggerated costumes and choreography add a touch of camp. Rodrigo, dressed in a variety of vintage-inspired outfits, transforms into a series of characters representing her insecurities.

In one scene, she portrays a glamorous movie star, surrounded by adoring fans, yet haunted by the ghost of her boyfriend's ex. In another, she becomes a 1950s housewife, trapped in a picture-perfect life that slowly crumbles as her obsession grows. Each scene reflects a different facet of her anxieties, adding depth and complexity to the narrative.

However, the video doesn't shy away from humor. Rodrigo's exaggerated facial expressions and playful delivery of self-deprecating lyrics acknowledge the absurdity of her obsessive thoughts. This self-awareness prevents the video from becoming overly dramatic and allows viewers to connect with her vulnerability on a relatable level.

The use of humor is further emphasized by the inclusion of a Greek chorus of lookalikes throughout the video. Dressed identically to Rodrigo, these characters echo her lyrics and perform synchronized dance routines, adding a layer of theatricality and lightheartedness.

The "obsessed" music video is a departure from Rodrigo's previous work, showcasing her artistic growth and willingness to experiment. It delves into a more complex and nuanced form of heartbreak, exploring the insecurities that can fester beneath the surface of a relationship. The video's blend of visual humor and emotional honesty creates a unique and engaging experience, solidifying Rodrigo's position as a relatable and captivating artist.