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"Tapão Na Raba" is a popular Brazilian song by Raí Saia Rodada. Here's some information about the song:


The song is performed by Raí Saia Rodada, a Brazilian band known for their music in the forró genre, which is a traditional music style from northeastern Brazil.


"Tapão Na Raba" falls within the forró genre, which is characterized by its lively rhythms and often features accordion, zabumba (a type of drum), and triangle as primary instruments. Forró is deeply rooted in Brazilian culture, particularly in the northeastern region.

Lyrics and Theme:

The lyrics of "Tapão Na Raba" are in Portuguese, and the song has a playful and upbeat theme. It's a dance track, and the title can be roughly translated to "Slap on the Butt," which gives you an idea of the song's content. The lyrics may contain references to dancing and having a good time.


"Tapão Na Raba" gained significant popularity in Brazil and among fans of forró music. It has become a dance floor favorite and is often played at Brazilian parties and events.


Forró music, including songs like "Tapão Na Raba," is an essential part of Brazilian culture and is frequently associated with traditional dance styles, such as the forró dance. This style of music brings people together for joyful celebrations and social gatherings.

Overall, "Tapão Na Raba" by Raí Saia Rodada is a lively forró song that has enjoyed popularity in Brazil's music scene. It is known for its danceable rhythm and playful lyrics, making it a fun addition to Brazilian music playlists and dance floors.