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The recent collaboration between veteran songstress Assala and rising star Ahmed Saad, "Sabb Farhety" (meaning "Reason for My Happiness" in English), has taken the Arab music scene by storm. Released in February 2024, the song is a vibrant celebration of love, newfound joy, and the power of shared happiness. With its infectious melody, playful lyrics, and energetic music video, "Sabb Farhety" has resonated with audiences across generations, solidifying Assala's timeless appeal and showcasing Saad's fresh energy.

From the first notes, the song sets a joyful mood. The upbeat tempo, driven by a blend of traditional Arabic instruments and modern production elements, creates an irresistible danceable atmosphere. Assala's vocals, as powerful and nuanced as ever, exude a sense of contentment and newfound love. Lines like "Ya habibi baddel intezar / El donya jet suhtani bik / Inta l'aman wa bikhtisar / Kol el malebs ya btishi" ("My love, after the waiting / The world has become beautiful with you / You are safety and happiness / Everything fits with you") showcase the simple yet profound joy of finding love and companionship.

Ahmed Saad's youthful energy complements Assala's experience perfectly. His verses inject a playful and energetic twist into the song, reflecting the excitement of new love. Lines like "Ya sabb farhety ayyam asmi / Sukti bini fi dunyati / Ana janbik mish hamel humum / Ana laiki bin tami" ("You are the reason for my happy days / You made me silent in my world / I'm beside you, not carrying any worries / I'm yours, completely yours") capture the youthful passion and dedication of a new flame.

The chorus explodes with joy, uniting both artists' voices in a powerful declaration of shared happiness: "Ya sabb farhety, ya sabb farhety / Inta el sabab ya habibi w ana bahetek ya habibi" ("You are the reason for my happiness, you are the reason my love, and I am happy with you, my love"). This infectious refrain leaves listeners humming along and tapping their feet, perfectly embodying the song's celebratory spirit.

The accompanying music video, directed by Khaled Mhanna, further amplifies the song's message. Set in a vibrant desert landscape, the video features Assala and Ahmed Saad surrounded by friends and dancers, all celebrating together in a joyous and carefree atmosphere. The use of vibrant colors, traditional costumes, and dynamic choreography creates a visually captivating experience that reflects the song's joyful energy and cultural richness.

"Sabb Farhety" has received widespread acclaim from both fans and critics. Many praise the song's catchy melody, uplifting message, and the perfect blend of Assala's established talent and Ahmed Saad's fresh energy. Some compare it to other Arabic love songs, noting its modern production and contemporary appeal, while others commend its ability to transcend generations and bring people together through the universal language of joy and shared happiness.

Beyond its immediate impact, the song signifies the enduring power of collaboration. It brings together two artists from different generations and musical backgrounds, showcasing the beauty of intergenerational dialogue and artistic exchange. The song's success also highlights the continued popularity of Arabic love songs, reminding us of the enduring power of music to express and celebrate love in its various forms.

✶ Lyrics |

الكلمات يا حبيبي بعد الانتظار الدنيا جت صالحتني بيك

انت ألامان وباختصار لو كله مال
بسند عليك
انت اللي بيك احلو عمري ومهما يجري انا بلقى كل حلول مشاكلي لما بس بشوف عنيك

انا كنت مين ✶✶✶

قبل اما اشوف عينِك والين
قبل اما تيجي تنوري
قلبي وتمليني بحنين
ده بكلمتين
بتهوني الوقت الحزين
يا حبيبتي واما بتضحكي

بتحلّي ف عنيا السنين ✶✶✶

يا سبب فرحتي

يا مقاسماني سكتي بتقويني ف دينتي

وانا جمبك مش هميل
انا ليكي بَنتِمي
يا آخري وأولي
ولا حاجة بتهمني

طول ما انا شايفك بخير
POPULAR SONGS 2024 & lyrics, top songs, billboard 100, new songs, trending, charts, best songs, love songs, letra, lirik lagu, sarki sözleri
Assala Nasri, the iconic Syrian singer known for her powerful vocals and emotionally charged lyrics, returns with a powerful message of self-discovery and empowerment in her latest single, "Lehqt Nafsy" (I Caught Myself). Released in February 2024, the song marks a new chapter in her career, embracing a more contemporary sound while staying true to her signature style.

From the opening notes, "Lehqt Nafsy" pulsates with energy. A driving pop beat and layered instrumentation, including Arabic percussion and subtle electronic flourishes, create a modern soundscape that complements Assala's powerful vocals. The lyrics, penned by Ahmed Saad and Amal Maher, tell the story of a woman leaving behind a toxic relationship and reclaiming her sense of self.

The verses paint a picture of emotional exhaustion and disillusionment. Assala sings of feeling suffocated and unseen, her self-worth dwindling under the weight of the relationship. Lines like "Wal hasilti thidi ya dub shoyyeh" ("My state improved a little bit") and "W al-nafsyeh et'hasnet" ("My psyche calmed down") convey the initial stages of breaking free, showcasing the subtle shifts in her emotional state.

The chorus explodes with defiance and self-affirmation. "Lehqt Nafsy, mishit w sabtek" ("I caught myself, walked away, and left you"), she declares, reclaiming her agency and independence. The repetitive lines "W ana wahedah jadidah fi kul tafasilha" ("And I'm new in every detail") emphasize the transformation, highlighting her newfound sense of self-worth and confidence.

"Lehqt Nafsy" isn't just a personal anthem; it's a message of empowerment for anyone struggling in unhealthy relationships. Assala's powerful vocals convey strength and resilience, encouraging listeners to prioritize their well-being and walk away from situations that hold them back.

The music video, directed by Alpha Pro Studios, amplifies the song's message with vibrant visuals. We see Assala walking through different landscapes, shedding layers of clothing and ultimately emerging in a brightly lit space, symbolizing her journey towards liberation and self-discovery. The diverse group of women featured in the video further emphasizes the universality of the song's theme, showcasing the strength and resilience of women across cultures and backgrounds.

"Lehqt Nafsy" marks a significant evolution in Assala's sound. While it embraces modern production elements, the song retains her signature emotional depth and powerful vocals. More importantly, it offers a message of hope and empowerment, resonating with anyone who has ever had to overcome personal challenges and rediscover their true self.

Lyrics |

لحقت نفسي مشيت وسبتك
قبل ما تخلص عليا
وابتديت بقي اشم نَفَسي
وحالتي تهدي يا دوب شويه والنفسيه اتحسنت !!

والجراح اتسكنت
كنت واحده الخوف قاتلها

والحمد لله اطمنت ✶✶✶

رجعت واحده جديده
في كل تفاصيلها
واحده عكس اللي انت
بتتبسط منها
شافت اللي عرف قيمتها
واللي خاف علي مصلحتها
وكل حيّ اهو راح لحاله

افهم بقي ✶✶✶

والايام مبتستناش
والدنيا بتمشي وتتعاش
وانت بعدت وبعت وخير ما فعلت
شوفت الخير جه بعد سنين
كان في غشاوه راحت م العين
الله اعلم لو محصلش ده كله
كنت وصلت لفين
ربنا فعلا نجاني
وفوقت انا تاني

لنفسي خلاص