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"Cheerleader" is a song originally recorded by Jamaican singer OMI. The song gained widespread popularity after it was remixed by German DJ and producer Felix Jaehn. The Felix Jaehn remix of "Cheerleader" was released in 2014 and became a massive international hit.

The original version of "Cheerleader" was recorded by OMI in 2012 and produced by Clifton Dillon. However, it wasn't until the Felix Jaehn remix was released in 2014 that the song gained significant attention and commercial success.

The Felix Jaehn remix of "Cheerleader" is an upbeat and catchy dancehall-pop track with tropical house influences. The remix maintained OMI's soulful vocals while adding a fresh and summery sound that appealed to a broader audience.

Lyrically, "Cheerleader" is a love song that compares the narrator's romantic partner to a cheerleader who provides love and support. The lyrics convey a message of appreciation and admiration for the partner's uplifting and positive influence.

Upon its release, the Felix Jaehn remix of "Cheerleader" became an instant hit, topping the charts in multiple countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It also achieved multi-platinum certifications in various territories.

The music video for "Cheerleader" features OMI enjoying a day at the beach and spending time with friends. The video's sunny and feel-good visuals complement the song's joyful and carefree vibe.

"Cheerleader" became one of the biggest songs of 2015 and solidified OMI's and Felix Jaehn's status as prominent figures in the dancehall and tropical house music genres. The song's universal appeal, infectious melody, and positive lyrics made it a favorite among listeners and a popular choice for radio airplay and summer playlists.

The success of "Cheerleader" catapulted OMI and Felix Jaehn to international fame, and the song remains a well-loved and enduring hit in the pop and dance music landscape.