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"Cuatro Babys" is a reggaeton song by Colombian singer Maluma in collaboration with the Trap Capos (a group of producers) and featuring Noriel, Bryant Myers, and Juhn. The song was released in 2016 as a single and is known for its explicit and provocative lyrics.

The song generated controversy and sparked discussions due to its explicit content, which some listeners found offensive. The lyrics describe the experiences and interactions of the artists with different women, hence the title "Cuatro Babys" (Four Babys), each representing a romantic relationship.

The song's provocative nature, combined with the popularity of the artists involved, attracted significant attention, both positive and negative. It quickly became a viral hit in the Latin music scene and gained millions of views on platforms like YouTube.

While "Cuatro Babys" faced criticism for its explicit content, it also contributed to the rising popularity of the artists involved, especially in the emerging trap and reggaeton genres. The song's impact on the charts and its presence in the Latin music scene is notable, despite the controversy surrounding its lyrics.

It's important to note that the song's lyrics may not be suitable for all audiences due to their explicit content. The discussion around the song has highlighted debates about the portrayal of women in music and the boundaries of artistic expression in the context of popular culture.