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In the vibrant landscape of Algerian Rai music, Cheb Hamidou stands out with his soulful vocals and modern interpretations of the genre. His latest single, "3achkek Idman" (meaning "Your Love is an Addiction" in English), released in 2024, takes listeners on a nostalgic journey through love, loss, and the lingering sting of heartbreak. With its catchy melody, relatable lyrics, and energetic music video, the song has become a dance floor favorite while resonating with audiences on a deeper level.

From the opening notes, the song sets a familiar yet modern Rai tone. The traditional gasba flute and driving percussion provide a foundation for Cheb Hamidou's passionate vocals. He sings with a melancholic yet hopeful tone, lamenting a love that has faded: "Zomi Zomi wdak el dhika / Zomi ya bartajiaha a salam nti" ("Zomi Zomi, your laugh made me dizzy / Zomi, my confidante, hello to you"). The repetition of "Zomi," meaning "my dear," adds a layer of tenderness to his pain.

The verses delve deeper into the emotional consequences of the lost love. He describes feeling trapped in memories and yearning for the past: "Rana net3awschou fi zaman el khiana / Ya el kalb yedreb wel kebda hnana / Jamina ghibk lbgh 100 sena ntehel fik" ("We loved during a time of betrayal / The heart beats and the liver is pained / We'll spend 100 years forgetting you in your memories"). These poignant lyrics resonate with anyone who has experienced the lingering effects of a broken relationship.

The chorus explodes with energy, inviting listeners to move despite the pain: "Zomi Zomi wdak el dhika / Zomi ya bartajiaha a salam nti / Zomi Zomi w zidi zomi / W khalli khalli yشوف wkhedi ya adani / Zomi Zomi wdak el dhika / Zomi ya bartajiaha a salam nti" ("Zomi Zomi, your laugh made me dizzy / Zomi, my confidante, hello to you / Zomi Zomi, keep dancing Zomi / Let everyone see my pain, oh my enemy / Zomi Zomi, your laugh made me dizzy / Zomi, my confidante, hello to you"). The upbeat tempo and catchy melody create a sense of defiance and resilience, suggesting that dancing can be a form of therapy and healing.

The music video, directed by Faycal Mirage, amplifies the song's message with vibrant visuals. We see Cheb Hamidou performing amidst colorful backgrounds, reflecting the nostalgia and bittersweet emotions of the lyrics. The video also features shots of couples dancing, both expressing joy and sadness, further underlining the song's themes of love and loss.

"3achkek Idman" has received positive reception from fans and critics alike. Many praise its nostalgic vibes, catchy melody, and relatable lyrics. Some compare it to other Rai songs exploring similar themes, while others appreciate its modern production and dance floor appeal.

Beyond its initial impact, the song signifies Cheb Hamidou's ability to seamlessly blend tradition with modern elements. He keeps the essence of Rai music alive while incorporating contemporary sounds and relatable themes, appealing to a wider audience while staying true to his artistic roots. The song's success also highlights the power of music to express complex emotions, offering solace and catharsis through dance and melody.