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"Tipo Gin" is a funk carioca song by Brazilian singer MC Kevin O Chris. Funk carioca, often simply referred to as "funk" in Brazil, is a popular music genre that originated in the favelas (shantytowns) of Rio de Janeiro and has since become a significant part of Brazilian pop culture.

Here are some key details about "Tipo Gin" by MC Kevin O Chris:

Release: "Tipo Gin" was released as a single by MC Kevin O Chris. It gained popularity in the Brazilian funk music scene and was well-received by fans.

Genre: The song falls within the funk carioca genre, which is known for its infectious beats, often explicit lyrics, and danceable nature.

Lyrics: The lyrics of "Tipo Gin" likely explore themes commonly found in funk carioca, such as dancing, partying, and sensuality. It may also reference the type of party atmosphere associated with enjoying gin, a popular alcoholic beverage.

Success: "Tipo Gin" received commercial success in Brazil and within the funk carioca scene. Funk music has a dedicated fan base and continues to evolve and gain recognition.

MC Kevin O Chris is a notable artist in the Brazilian funk carioca genre and is known for his contributions to the style. "Tipo Gin" is an example of the lively and energetic nature of funk carioca music, which is deeply ingrained in Brazilian culture and is enjoyed by many music enthusiasts, particularly those who appreciate its danceable rhythms and lively atmosphere.