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"Bachpan Ka Pyaar" is a Hindi-language song that became a viral sensation on social media platforms, particularly on Instagram and TikTok, in 2021. Here's what you need to know about the song and its creators:

Release and Viral Success:

The song "Bachpan Ka Pyaar" was originally created by Sahdev Dirdo, a young boy from Chhattisgarh, India. He recorded a video of himself singing the song and posted it on social media, where it gained immense popularity due to its catchy tune and Sahdev's endearing performance.

The song's viral success caught the attention of several prominent Indian music artists, including Badshah and Aastha Gill. They decided to collaborate with Sahdev Dirdo to release an official version of the song.


Badshah: Badshah is a well-known Indian rapper, singer, and music producer. He has released numerous hit songs and is a prominent figure in the Indian music industry.

Aastha Gill: Aastha Gill is an Indian playback singer known for her work in Bollywood and the independent music scene.

Lyrics and Theme:

The lyrics of "Bachpan Ka Pyaar" reflect the innocence and charm of childhood love. The song humorously describes the feelings of a child who is experiencing love for the first time during his school days.

The playful and simple lyrics, coupled with Sahdev Dirdo's adorable rendition, resonated with a wide audience and became a viral meme on social media.

Music Video:

The official music video for "Bachpan Ka Pyaar" features Sahdev Dirdo, Badshah, Aastha Gill, and Rico. It was released on Badshah's YouTube channel and showcases the artists having fun and dancing to the song.

Impact: "Bachpan Ka Pyaar" became a cultural phenomenon in India and was widely shared and referenced on social media platforms. It spawned numerous remixes, parodies, and dance challenges, further contributing to its popularity.

The song's success also led to discussions about the power of social media in promoting undiscovered talent and making viral sensations out of ordinary individuals.

"Bachpan Ka Pyaar" is a testament to the viral potential of catchy and relatable content on social media. It captured the hearts of millions of people in India and beyond and provided a platform for young Sahdev Dirdo to collaborate with established music artists like Badshah and Aastha Gill.