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Peruvian cumbia powerhouse Corazón Serrano joins forces with Argentine singer-songwriter Axel in the infectious new single "Te Voy A Amar" (meaning "I Will Love You"). This captivating collaboration blends the vibrant energy of cumbia with heartfelt lyrics, creating an irresistible anthem for love and devotion.

Corazón Serrano, a female-fronted group known for their dynamic stage presence and infectious melodies, takes the lead on the track. Their signature sound – a blend of traditional cumbia rhythms, soaring vocals, and driving accordion – is on full display. The opening melody instantly sets the mood for a celebration, with lively percussion and bright brass arrangements.

Axel's smooth vocals enter the mix, harmonizing beautifully with the lead singers of Corazón Serrano. His lyrics, though sung in Spanish, convey a message of unwavering love and commitment. Lines like "Es poco decir que eres mi luz, mi cielo, mi otra mitad" (It's an understatement to say you're my light, my sky, my other half) and "Ya no me alcanzan las palabras, no / Para explicarte lo que siento yo" (Words aren't enough anymore / To explain what I feel) express a deep and passionate love.

The energy of the song builds throughout. The call-and-response sections invite listeners to participate, while the dynamic shifts between verses and chorus keep the music engaging. A captivating guitar solo adds a touch of flair, showcasing the musical talent of both groups.

The accompanying music video perfectly complements the song's vibrant spirit. We see scenes of Corazón Serrano and Axel performing on a brightly lit stage, their joy and passion infectious. Intercut with these performance shots are romantic scenes of couples dancing and embracing, further emphasizing the song's central theme of love.

"Te Voy A Amar" is a perfect example of the enduring appeal of cumbia. The genre's ability to blend traditional sounds with contemporary elements creates music that's both timeless and fresh. This collaboration between Corazón Serrano and Axel is sure to be a hit with fans of cumbia and romantic music alike.