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"A Cara do Crime (Nós Incomoda)" is a Brazilian funk song performed by MC Poze do Rodo, MC Cabelinho, Bielzin, PL Quest, Neo Beats, and Mainstreet. It was released in 2021 as part of the Brazilian funk music scene.

Here are some key details about "A Cara do Crime (Nós Incomoda)":

Release: "A Cara do Crime (Nós Incomoda)" was released in 2021 as a collaborative effort between multiple artists in the Brazilian funk and rap scene. It showcases the common practice of Brazilian funk artists collaborating on tracks.

Genre: The song falls within the Brazilian funk and funk ostentação music genres. These genres are characterized by their energetic beats and lyrics that often focus on themes related to life in Brazilian favelas, love, and daily life.

Lyrics: The lyrics of "A Cara do Crime (Nós Incomoda)" likely revolve around themes common in Brazilian funk music, including life in marginalized communities, street culture, and the challenges faced by residents of these areas. The term "Nós Incomoda" can be translated to "We Annoy" or "We Cause Discomfort," which may be a reference to societal issues and confrontational lyrics often found in Brazilian funk music.

Collaborative Effort: The song features multiple artists from the Brazilian funk and rap scenes, showcasing the collaborative nature of music production in these genres.

Reception: Brazilian funk music is widely popular in Brazil and has a dedicated fan base. Songs like "A Cara do Crime (Nós Incomoda)" often receive substantial attention and streams in the country.

Please note that the content and themes of Brazilian funk music, including issues related to crime and social conditions, can be controversial and may not be suitable for all audiences. The genre is known for its raw and sometimes confrontational lyrics, reflecting the realities of life in marginalized communities in Brazil.