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"Tiroteo (Remix)" is a Spanish-language song by the Spanish singer Marc Seguí, featuring Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro and Spanish artist Pol Granch. The song is a remix of Marc Seguí's original track "Tiroteo," and it was released in 2021. The remix brought a new dynamic to the song with the addition of Rauw Alejandro and Pol Granch.

Here are some key details about "Tiroteo (Remix)" by Marc Seguí, Rauw Alejandro, and Pol Granch:

Release: The song "Tiroteo (Remix)" was released as a single in 2021. It combines the talents of artists from Spain and Puerto Rico, showcasing the collaborative nature of the music industry.

Genre: The song falls within the Latin pop and reggaeton genres, known for their catchy rhythms and danceable beats. It features a mix of Spanish and Puerto Rican musical influences.

Lyrics: The lyrics of "Tiroteo (Remix)" explore themes related to love and attraction, common in many Latin pop and reggaeton songs.

Success: The song received commercial success and garnered millions of streams and views on digital platforms. The addition of Rauw Alejandro and Pol Granch likely expanded its reach to a broader audience.

Rauw Alejandro is a notable figure in the Latin music scene, known for his contributions to the reggaeton and Latin pop genres. The remix of "Tiroteo" added new layers to the song, making it a hit among fans of Latin music. It's likely to be enjoyed by those who appreciate catchy and danceable reggaeton and pop tracks.