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"Chop Suey!" is a song by the American rock band System of a Down. It was released as the lead single from their second studio album, "Toxicity," in 2001. The song's unique blend of alternative metal, hard rock, and experimental elements contributed to its popularity and enduring status.

"Chop Suey!" is characterized by its dynamic shifts in tempo and intensity, ranging from melodic verses to powerful, aggressive choruses. The song features intricate guitar riffs, unconventional song structure, and the distinct vocals of lead singer Serj Tankian.

The song's lyrics are enigmatic and open to interpretation, dealing with themes of existentialism, religion, and self-examination. The phrase "Chop Suey" itself is a term for a Chinese-American dish, and the lyrics explore various questions and emotions, such as life's purpose and struggles.

"Chop Suey!" gained significant attention upon its release and became a hit, receiving positive reviews from music critics and earning System of a Down a wider audience. It reached high positions on various music charts and remains one of the band's most recognized and iconic songs.

The music video for "Chop Suey!" features surreal and symbolic imagery, including the band performing in a stylized room and scenes that reflect the song's themes. The video's visual elements complement the song's intense and thought-provoking nature.

"Chop Suey!" played a crucial role in establishing System of a Down as a prominent force in the rock and alternative metal scenes. It's often considered one of the band's signature songs and a staple of their live performances.