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"Fuiste Tú" is a song by Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona, featuring Guatemalan singer Gaby Moreno. It was released in 2011 as part of Arjona's album "Independiente."

The song is a heartfelt duet that combines elements of pop and Latin ballad genres. "Fuiste Tú" is known for its emotional lyrics and powerful vocal performances by both Arjona and Moreno. The song's title translates to "It Was You" in English, and the lyrics revolve around themes of love, regret, and the impact that a past relationship has on the present.

"Fuiste Tú" became a major hit in the Spanish-speaking world and received positive reviews from music critics. It was praised for its melody, lyrical depth, and the chemistry between Arjona and Moreno in their vocal delivery.

The music video for "Fuiste Tú" features Arjona and Moreno performing the song in various settings, including a theater and a street. The video's visual simplicity allows the focus to remain on the emotions conveyed by the song's lyrics and the artists' performances.

The song's popularity helped it become an anthem of sorts for romantic moments and special occasions. It has been covered by various artists and has been used in weddings, anniversaries, and other sentimental events.

"Fuiste Tú" has solidified its place as one of Ricardo Arjona's most iconic and recognizable songs, and it continues to resonate with listeners who connect with its emotional and relatable themes.