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If you put a cut on it to see the world (uoh-oh-oh)
No la celo ni la amo, me llama y me bellaquea (come on; here we go)
El culo flow Penelope (ja)
Me la llevé because you have the G-Wagon, chocó a las tre' (uoh-oh; ah; uoh- oh
) , but I only enjoy it in innerwear (this is the real remix, oh-oh)
If you ever win, this time is a goal (geniuz, Maluma, ba-ba-baby, oh-oh)

Quiere sweet y yo le doy mi lollipop-pop-pop-pop (ja, oh, my God)
Yes, me come back crazy your chupop-pop-pop-pop (ja, eh-eh)
Se moja allá abajo y suena (mamá )
Pa' tu novio a pistol that makes plop-plop-plop-plop
I wanted sweet y yo le di mi lollipop (come on, oh, my God, oh-oh)
Pa' that she le dé chupop-pop-pop (eh -eh)
Se mojó, eso allá abajo le suena (what the fuck?)
And to your novio a pistol that makes plop-plop-plop-plop (it's The Real Rondon, ra-ta-ta-ta, oh)

Che-che-che, yo se lo metí y piché (yo se lo metí y piché)
She said so much animal that it has the embiché
Don't want the milk and yo the mouth fills it (eh)
She wants an octopus and yo how siete le eché (siete le eché)

That's what I met and piché (-ché, -ché, -ché, -ché)
I said so much animal, my herma, that hasta la embiché (-ché, -ché, -ché, -ché; hasta la embiché)
No I wanted milk and my mouth filled me (-ché, -ché, -ché, -ché)
She wanted an octopus and I loved how I felt her eché (baby)

How she dominates her puts me badly (puts badly)
Concentrates as if she were drinking Adderall (Adderall)
Inside demonia with Cenicienta's face (Cenicienta)
The fire emoji, that sticker on the clothes

I like it because I took it to them (to the room)
And it's bigger than me, it gives me a lollipop with a mint (with a mint; ¡ah !
) studio when I grab it, get it from me (nah)

Y le da chupop
Y ask me to cry' that he goes with the popo
Then it goes away like if I'm leaving a choc (fuera un choc)
From all 'las babies' she goes after KAROL in my top (baby)

You climb on top of me and empieza me moving (moving)
I close my eyes and I don't want to see you
You are a mathematics without understanding (understanding)
That I go up to the other level (to the other level)
Dale, come here, that I want to see you (uoh, that's how it is)
Bridge in four, ma, that I'm going to tear you up (eh)
I'm hungry for you, I want to eat (I want to eat)
I have mojaíto' los panty Chanel (eh, oh)

Quiere sweet y yo le doy mi lollipop-pop-pop-pop
Yes, me go crazy with your chupop-pop-pop-pop
Se moja allá abajo y suena (¡uh-uh!)
Pa' tu novio a pistol that makes plop- plop-plop-plop

I wanted sweetness and yo le di mi lollipop (oh, my God)
Pa' que ella le dé chupop-pop-pop-pop (eh-eh)
Se mojó, eso allá abajo le suena (what the fuck?)
And to your new a pistol that goes plop-plop-plop-plop (Maluma, baby; ah-ah)

Che-che-che (here we go), yo se lo metí y piché
Le di so much chimbo that it hasta la enchimbé
Don't want the milk and yo the mouth fills
it She wants an octopus and yo how to siege the eché

Yo se lo metí y piché (-ché, -ché, -ché, -ché)
He said so much chimbo that he had the enchimbé (ey, -ché, -ché, -ché)
I didn't want the milk and yo the mouth was enleché ( -ché, -ché)
She wanted an octopus and yo like siete le eché (yeah)

And on your tit' it enchants
That the viera is so holy
It takes me to my throat
and it gives me love

Put me against the wall, my skirt gets up (ok)
Put me in a sata face (bitch)
You're an abuser
A bitch that makes me fall in love with me

I told you
goodbye, thank you very much, because you don't have it (heart)
Chúpamela como si esto fuera un Bon Bon Bum
Si explota en tu boca, explota como un Bubbaloo (what the fuck?)

The Dominican llegó with the puertorrican
They envidiosa' toa' bite' the critic (that's how it is)
She doesn't take off puya' and comoquiera toa' se pican (pa' que sepa)
Want to apply it, but don't apply it (come on)

Le doy pom pa'l cielo
Le doy pa' las nail', eyelash' and the hair (hi, sweetie)
Yo le di una G-Wagon, she knows that she wants
Since the operation, the hijueputa is considered a model (here we go)

A sexual maniac who likes to make him beautiful (oh, my God)
That when empieza doesn't want to stop (what the fuck?)
When you move like this, you know that you're going to stop me
and you say you got wet accidentally

Minimum knowledge of weekly octopuses (that's how it is)
When I get to you four times, mom, it's hard for me to give
Empercocia'o I'm going to form (pa' que sepa)
My challenge and you're personal (ra-ta-ta- OK)

Maluma, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-baby, jaja
This is the real remix
Dímelo, Darell

This is the fuckin' remix
La Verdadera Vuelta, ¿oíste, baby?
Lil Geniuz
Geniuz, stop that shit

Colombia and PR
Duars Entertainment
Latino Gang Music

That's how
That combination is the one million combination in the world

POPULAR SONGS 2024, Top songs, billboard 100, new songs, best songs, trending, charts, love songs, lyrics, letra, lirik lagu, sarki sözleri, Hit Song
"Aloha" is a collaborative reggaeton track that brought together some of the most prominent names in Latin music: Maluma, Beéle, Rauw Alejandro, Darell, DJ Luian, and Mambo Kingz. Released in 2021, this song quickly became a chart-topping hit, captivating audiences with its infectious beats, vibrant rhythms, and a star-studded lineup.

Musical Collaboration:
This track stands out not only for its catchy melody but also for the collective talent behind it. With each artist bringing their unique style and flair, "Aloha" seamlessly blends diverse musical influences, creating an upbeat and dynamic sound that resonated with fans of reggaeton and urban music.

The All-Star Cast:
Maluma, Beéle, Rauw Alejandro, and Darell are well-established names in the Latin music scene, known for their chart-topping hits and their ability to infuse their tracks with energy and charisma. DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz, renowned producers in the reggaeton genre, contributed their expertise to the song's production, adding depth and innovation to its sound.

Lyrical Content:
The song's lyrics, delivered in Spanish, revolve around themes of celebration, partying, and enjoying life to the fullest. "Aloha" radiates a carefree vibe, encouraging listeners to embrace the moment and let loose on the dance floor. Its catchy chorus and vibrant verses contribute to its appeal, making it an instant party anthem.

Musical Arrangement:
"Aloha" boasts a lively and rhythmic arrangement, featuring pulsating beats, infectious hooks, and a blend of electronic and Latin-infused sounds. The track's upbeat tempo and engaging melodies make it perfect for both club settings and casual listening, elevating the mood wherever it's played.

Chart Success and Fan Reception:
Upon its release, "Aloha" made an immediate impact on music charts, quickly climbing to the top positions across various streaming platforms. Its popularity among fans of reggaeton and urban music further solidified its status as a hit, garnering millions of views and streams within a short period.

Visual Presentation:
The music video accompanying "Aloha" likely encapsulates the song's festive spirit, featuring vibrant visuals, dynamic choreography, and an energetic atmosphere. The video might showcase the artists in lively settings, exuding charisma and enthusiasm, complementing the track's lively nature.

Cultural Impact:
Beyond its commercial success, "Aloha" represents the ongoing evolution and fusion of Latin music styles. By bringing together established and rising stars in the genre, the song reflects the collaborative and inclusive nature of the Latin music industry, celebrating diversity and creativity.

In essence, "Aloha" serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and the infectious energy of Latin music. Its irresistible rhythm, combined with the star power of its contributors, has propelled it to become a beloved hit, embodying the spirit of celebration and enjoyment that defines the genre.

POPULAR SONGS 2024, Top songs, billboard 100, new songs, best songs, trending, charts, love songs, lyrics, letra, lirik lagu, sarki sözleri, Hit Song
"Te Bote Remix" is a popular song by Latin artists Casper, Nio García, Darell, Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny, and Ozuna. It was released in 2018 and became a major hit in the Latin music scene.

"Te Bote Remix" is a reggaeton and Latin trap track that combines the talents of multiple artists. The song's lyrics revolve around a failed romantic relationship and the emotions that come with heartbreak and moving on. Each artist contributes their unique style and perspective to the song, creating a dynamic collaboration.

The song was written by the aforementioned artists, along with various other songwriters. The production showcases the individual styles of each artist, resulting in a fusion of reggaeton, trap, and urban sounds.

Upon its release, "Te Bote Remix" achieved significant commercial success. It reached high chart positions in multiple countries and garnered hundreds of millions of streams and views online. The song's catchy hooks, energetic performances, and the chemistry between the artists resonated with audiences, making it one of the most successful collaborations in the Latin music industry.

The music video for "Te Bote Remix" features the artists in different settings, showcasing their performances and adding visual storytelling to the song's narrative. The video's vibrant visuals, stylish aesthetics, and the charisma of the artists contributed to the song's popularity.

"Te Bote Remix" received positive reviews from music critics, who praised its catchy and energetic nature, as well as the individual contributions of each artist. The song's success further solidified the status of Casper, Nio García, Darell, Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny, and Ozuna as leading figures in the Latin music scene.

Over time, "Te Bote Remix" has remained a fan favorite and a staple in the playlists of Latin music enthusiasts. Its infectious rhythm, dynamic collaborations, and relatable lyrics continue to resonate with listeners who have experienced heartbreak and relationship struggles.

Overall, "Te Bote Remix" represents the collective talent and collaboration of prominent Latin artists. Its fusion of reggaeton and trap elements, catchy hooks, and the chemistry between the artists made it a standout hit in the Latin music landscape, showcasing the popularity and influence of the genre.