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Released in February 2024, "Si no fuera por ti" (meaning "If it weren't for you") by Spanish singer-songwriter Beret and Venezuelan artist Lasso isn't your typical love song. This hauntingly beautiful duet delves into the complexities of a tumultuous relationship, exploring the push-and-pull between passion and pain, dependence and liberation. With its melancholic melody, raw vocals, and relatable lyrics, the song resonated deeply with audiences, becoming a chart-topping hit and sparking conversations about the multifaceted nature of love.

From the first somber piano notes, the song sets the mood for introspection. Beret and Lasso, known for their introspective lyricism, trade verses, painting a picture of a love filled with intensity and uncertainty. Lines like "Correr por un campo de minas será más seguro que yo andar contigo" ("Running through a minefield will be safer than being with you") and "Llevo más tiempo olvidando y dolido el error fue que entraste a mi corazón tan rápido como de mí te has ido" ("I've spent more time forgetting and hurt, the mistake was you entering my heart as quickly as you left") capture the raw emotions and confusion associated with an unstable relationship.

The chorus shifts to a more urgent tone, emphasizing the dependence and longing despite the hurt: "Si no fuera por ti, si no fuera por ti / Ya hubiera perdido la cabeza si no fuera por ti" ("If it weren't for you, if it weren't for you / I would've lost my mind already, if it weren't for you"). This contradictory sentiment underlines the complex emotions often present in such relationships, where the pain is intertwined with a deep connection.

The accompanying music video, directed by Krea Film Producciones, adds another layer of emotional depth. Shot in stark black and white, it features both artists performing in separate, dimly lit spaces. The isolation visually portrays the emotional distance within the relationship, while their passionate gestures hint at the lingering connection. The video ends with a single white dove soaring through the darkness, offering a glimpse of hope and potential redemption.

"Si no fuera por ti" has received widespread acclaim for its honest portrayal of the complexities of love. Fans and critics alike praise the raw vocals, relatable lyrics, and melancholic beauty of the song. Some compare it to other Spanish ballads exploring turbulent relationships, while others laud its ability to capture the universality of emotional turmoil.

Beyond its immediate impact, the song signifies a successful collaboration between two rising stars in the Latin music scene. Beret and Lasso's contrasting yet complementary styles blend seamlessly, creating a unique and impactful soundscape. The song's popularity also highlights the growing awareness and openness to discussing the difficult aspects of love within mainstream music.