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"We Are One (Ole Ola)" is a pop song by American rapper Pitbull, featuring vocals from Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte. The song was released in 2014 as the official song of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It served as the tournament's official theme song and aimed to capture the global spirit of unity and celebration surrounding the event. Here's more information about the song:

Genre and Style: "We Are One (Ole Ola)" is primarily classified as a pop song with elements of dance-pop and reggae fusion. It features a lively tempo, energetic production, and a celebratory vibe.

Collaborations: The song features vocal contributions from Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, and Claudia Leitte. The collaboration of artists from different regions aimed to reflect the worldwide nature of the World Cup.

Lyrics and Theme: The song's lyrics revolve around themes of unity, celebration, and coming together for a global event. The lyrics encourage a sense of camaraderie and enjoyment among people from various cultures.

Catchy Chorus: The song's catchy chorus, featuring the lines "Put your flags up in the sky (Put them in the sky) / And wave them side to side," contributed to its anthem-like and hook-driven nature.

FIFA World Cup Theme: "We Are One (Ole Ola)" was chosen as the official theme song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, held in Brazil. The song aimed to capture the excitement and diversity of the tournament.

Music Video: The music video for "We Are One (Ole Ola)" features the artists in a colorful and vibrant setting, with scenes of dancing, celebrations, and references to the World Cup.

Impact: The song served as a representation of the global celebration and unity associated with the FIFA World Cup, resonating with fans and attendees of the tournament.

Live Performances: The song was performed by Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, and Claudia Leitte during the opening ceremony of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The performance showcased the song's energetic and festive qualities.

International Collaboration: "We Are One (Ole Ola)" symbolized the international collaboration of artists and cultures, bringing together English and Portuguese lyrics.

Legacy: The song remains associated with the 2014 FIFA World Cup and is a reminder of the excitement and unity of the tournament.

Overall, "We Are One (Ole Ola)" is an energetic pop anthem that captured the spirit of celebration and unity during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Its international collaboration and catchy chorus contributed to its status as a celebratory theme song for the tournament, resonating with fans worldwide.