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"Wild Thoughts" is a song by DJ Khaled, featuring vocals from Barbadian singer Rihanna and American singer Bryson Tiller. The song was released in 2017 as the fourth single from DJ Khaled's album "Grateful."

"Wild Thoughts" samples the guitar riff from the classic 1999 Santana song "Maria Maria," giving it a nostalgic and sultry feel. The song is a blend of reggae, pop, and R&B, creating a catchy and sensual vibe.

The lyrics of "Wild Thoughts" are about desire and a romantic connection, with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller expressing their yearning for a passionate and wild night with their respective partners. The chorus, with the repeated line "wild, wild, wild thoughts," adds to the song's memorable hook.

Rihanna's vocals shine on the track, delivering a sultry and confident performance that perfectly complements the mood of the song. Bryson Tiller's smooth and soulful delivery adds depth to the track, creating a dynamic duet.

The music video for "Wild Thoughts" features vibrant and colorful visuals, capturing the essence of summer and adding to the song's sensual appeal. The video showcases DJ Khaled, Rihanna, and Bryson Tiller in a tropical setting, surrounded by dance, music, and celebration.

"Wild Thoughts" became a massive hit, topping charts around the world and receiving widespread acclaim from both music critics and fans. Its memorable melody and the chemistry between Rihanna and Bryson Tiller contributed to its success.

Overall, "Wild Thoughts" is remembered as a standout track from DJ Khaled's "Grateful" album and as a significant collaboration between DJ Khaled, Rihanna, and Bryson Tiller, showcasing their ability to create a hit that resonated with a wide audience.

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POPULAR SONGS 2023 / 2024 & lyrics, top songs, billboard 100, new songs, trending, charts, best songs, love songs, letra, lirik lagu, sarki sözleri
"I'm the One" is a popular song by American record producer DJ Khaled, featuring vocals from Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne. It was released as the second single from DJ Khaled's tenth studio album, "Grateful," in 2017.

"I'm the One" is a hip-hop and R&B track with a catchy and upbeat sound. The song's lyrics revolve around themes of success, wealth, and living life to the fullest. It boasts about the artists' accomplishments and their ability to attract attention and admiration.

The song was written by DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne, and other songwriters, and produced by DJ Khaled himself.

Upon its release, "I'm the One" achieved massive commercial success worldwide. It topped the charts in multiple countries, including the United States, and became one of DJ Khaled's most successful songs. The song's star-studded lineup, catchy chorus, and high-energy performances from all the featured artists resonated with audiences, making it a crossover hit in both the hip-hop and pop music scenes.

The music video for "I'm the One" features DJ Khaled and the featured artists in a luxurious mansion setting, celebrating success and enjoying a lavish lifestyle. The video's colorful visuals and party scenes add to the song's celebratory atmosphere.

"I'm the One" received positive reviews from music critics, who praised its catchy sound, the chemistry between the featured artists, and its potential to become a summer anthem.

Over time, "I'm the One" has remained a fan favorite and a popular choice in party playlists. Its catchy and infectious nature, along with its star-studded lineup, continue to resonate with audiences who enjoy lively and feel-good hip-hop and R&B music.

Overall, "I'm the One" represents DJ Khaled's talent for bringing together a talented group of artists to create a hit track. Its memorable sound, the featured artists' performances, and its celebratory message of success and living life to the fullest have made it one of his most successful and beloved songs, capturing the essence of enjoying life and embracing one's achievements.