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"FRIENDS" is a pop song by American electronic music producer Marshmello and British singer-songwriter Anne-Marie. The song was released in 2018 and gained widespread popularity due to its catchy melody and relatable lyrics. Here's more information about the song:

Genre and Style: "FRIENDS" is a pop song with electronic and dance-pop influences. It features a bouncy and infectious beat, typical of Marshmello's electronic music style.


Marshmello: Marshmello is an American electronic music producer and DJ known for his signature marshmallow-shaped helmet. He has become a prominent figure in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene, producing hits in various EDM subgenres.
Anne-Marie: Anne-Marie is a British singer and songwriter with a versatile vocal style. She has contributed to pop, R&B, and electronic music genres and is known for her powerful voice.
Lyrics and Theme: The lyrics of "FRIENDS" revolve around themes of unrequited love and the complexities of friendships and romantic relationships. Anne-Marie sings about being interested in someone who just wants to be friends, and she expresses her frustration with the situation.

Commercial Success: "FRIENDS" achieved commercial success, receiving extensive airplay and charting on music charts in multiple countries. It became a radio-friendly pop hit.

Collaboration: The collaboration between Marshmello and Anne-Marie brought together Marshmello's electronic production skills and Anne-Marie's pop vocal talents. The combination created a catchy and accessible track with a blend of electronic and pop elements.

Music Video: The music video for "FRIENDS" features Anne-Marie dealing with humorous and frustrating scenarios related to unrequited love. It complements the song's lyrics and themes.

Cultural Impact: "FRIENDS" is remembered as a feel-good and relatable pop song that resonated with listeners, especially those who have experienced the complexities of friendship and romantic attraction.

Live Performances: Marshmello and Anne-Marie have performed "FRIENDS" together at various music events and concerts, showcasing the song's energetic and danceable nature.

Overall, "FRIENDS" is a pop and electronic collaboration between Marshmello and Anne-Marie. It's recognized for its catchy melody, relatable lyrics, and blend of electronic and pop elements. The song's commercial success contributed to its popularity in the pop music scene.

POPULAR SONGS 2024, Top songs, billboard 100, new songs, best songs, trending, charts, love songs, lyrics, letra, lirik lagu, sarki sözleri, Hit Song
"Rockabye" is a popular song by British electronic music group Clean Bandit, featuring Jamaican artist Sean Paul and British singer Anne-Marie. It was released as a single in 2016.

"Rockabye" is a catchy dancehall and pop track with elements of reggae and electronic music. The song's lyrics tell a story of a single mother's determination to provide for her child and the strength she finds in their love. It touches upon themes of resilience, sacrifice, and the challenges faced by single parents.

The song was written by Clean Bandit members Jack Patterson and Ammar Malik, along with Sean Paul and Ina Wroldsen. It features vocals from Anne-Marie and Sean Paul, adding distinct flavors to the track.

Upon its release, "Rockabye" achieved tremendous commercial success worldwide. It topped the charts in multiple countries and became Clean Bandit's first number-one single in the United Kingdom. The song's infectious melody, memorable hooks, and powerful vocals resonated with audiences, making it a global hit.

The music video for "Rockabye" features a single mother working as a stripper to support her child. It depicts the struggles she faces while highlighting the love and resilience she possesses. The video received millions of views on YouTube and further emphasized the song's narrative.

"Rockabye" received positive reviews from music critics, who praised its catchy sound, memorable chorus, and the vocal performances of Anne-Marie and Sean Paul. The song's success propelled Clean Bandit, Anne-Marie, and Sean Paul to greater international recognition.

The song's powerful message and uplifting vibes struck a chord with listeners worldwide, becoming an anthem for single parents and anyone facing adversity. It resonated with audiences of all backgrounds, further solidifying its popularity and impact.

Overall, "Rockabye" showcases Clean Bandit's ability to blend different genres and create infectious pop tracks with meaningful narratives. The collaboration with Anne-Marie and Sean Paul added depth and diversity to the song, making it a standout hit in Clean Bandit's discography.