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The electrifying world of Cuarteto, a vibrant genre rooted in Argentina's Córdoba province, gets a fresh injection of energy with the collaborative single "QUE SED" (That Thirst) by Luck Ra and the late legend Ulises Bueno. Released in March 2024 by Sony Music, the song brings together two generations of Cuarteto talent, creating a party anthem guaranteed to quench your thirst for good music and lively dancing.

"QUE SED" is a masterclass in the infectious energy of Cuarteto. The song boasts a classic Cuarteto beat, complete with driving accordion riffs, rhythmic güiro scrapes, and a pulsating bassline. Luck Ra, known for his smooth vocals and contemporary production sensibilities, takes the lead on the verses. His delivery is playful and charismatic, perfectly capturing the carefree spirit of the genre.

The song takes a powerful turn with the arrival of Ulises Bueno's iconic voice. Bueno, a Cuarteto legend who tragically passed away in 2009, is featured through archival recordings seamlessly integrated into the track. His raspy vocals and passionate delivery add a touch of nostalgia and authenticity to the song, bridging the gap between generations and solidifying the song's place within the rich history of Cuarteto.

Lyrically, "QUE SED" is a lighthearted ode to enjoying life to the fullest. Lines like "El alcohol me lastimó por eso es que me enojé" (The alcohol hurt me, that's why I got mad) and "Ya me tomo un vasito y no puedo aguantar" (I already had a drink and I can't hold back) showcase the playful and often humorous storytelling present in Cuarteto music.

The accompanying music video for "QUE SED" perfectly complements the song's festive spirit. Shot in a vibrant and colorful bar setting, the video features Luck Ra performing alongside a band of energetic musicians. The crowd, a diverse mix of ages, is clearly enjoying themselves, dancing and singing along to the infectious rhythm.

Archival footage of Ulises Bueno performing is seamlessly woven into the video, creating a sense of unity and shared legacy between the two artists. The use of bright lights, quick cuts, and dynamic camera angles keeps the visuals engaging, mirroring the frenetic energy of the song.

"QUE SED" is a significant moment for Luck Ra. The collaboration with Ulises Bueno not only pays homage to a Cuarteto legend but also positions Luck Ra as a leading voice carrying the torch for the genre. The song's infectious energy and its celebration of Córdoba's musical heritage are sure to resonate with fans both old and new.

The critical reception for "QUE SED" has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans have praised the song's irresistible rhythm, the seamless blend of Luck Ra and Ulises Bueno's styles, and the energetic visuals of the music video. Music critics have lauded the song's ability to bridge the gap between generations, its celebration of Cuarteto culture, and its potential to become a summertime anthem.

With "QUE SED," Luck Ra and Ulises Bueno deliver a potent dose of Cuarteto magic. The song's infectious beat, playful lyrics, and vibrant music video create a complete and joyful experience. "QUE SED" is a testament to the enduring legacy of Cuarteto music and its ability to unite people across generations and cultures through the sheer power of rhythm and celebration.