The long-awaited collaborative album "We Don't Trust You" by rapper Future and producer Metro Boomin dropped on March 22nd, 2024, and it sent shockwaves through the hip-hop world. Leading single "Like That" is a return to form for the duo, boasting a dark and atmospheric soundscape laced with Future's signature introspective lyrics. However, this seemingly straightforward trap anthem takes a surprising turn with a potential diss aimed at fellow rappers Drake and J. Cole.

"Like That" is a classic Metro Boomin production. The song is built on a foundation of ominous piano chords, heavy bass, and swirling synths, creating a sense of paranoia and unease. Future delivers his verses in a low, almost monotone voice, adding to the song's brooding atmosphere. The lyrics are cryptic and open to interpretation, but some lines seem to be directed at specific targets.

Lines like "Motherfker the big three / We don't trust none of these n****s, see" and "Fck sneak dissin', first-person shooter, I hope they came with three switches" are clear references to Drake's recent album "For All the Dogs" which prominently featured J. Cole. Drake had previously called himself, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar the "big three" of rap, but seemingly excluded Lamar on his latest project. "First-person shooter" is likely a reference to the song title Drake shared with J. Cole, further fueling speculation of a brewing feud.

While the diss elements add an intriguing layer to "Like That," the song's true strength lies in its dark and introspective atmosphere. Future reflects on themes of betrayal, paranoia, and the fleeting nature of fame. Lines like "Used to trust these n****s, now I keep my distance" and "They gon' switch on you when the money diminish" showcase the rapper's jaded perspective on the music industry.

The lack of a music video for "Like That" keeps the focus on the song itself. Listeners are left to interpret the lyrics and create their own visuals based on Future's cryptic wordplay. This ambiguity adds to the song's mystique and encourages repeat listens.

While some critics have praised the song's production and Future's introspective lyrics, others have questioned the timing and motives behind the potential Drake and J. Cole diss. Regardless of the interpretation, "Like That" is sure to spark conversation and debate within the hip-hop community.

"Like That" marks a successful return to form for Future and Metro Boomin. The song showcases their undeniable creative chemistry and Future's ability to craft introspective narratives within a dark and atmospheric soundscape. Whether a calculated diss or simply a reflection of the rapper's current perspective, "Like That" is a captivating listen that leaves a lasting impression.