Latto's 2024 single "Sunday Service" isn't your typical gospel hymn. Released with a vibrant music video, the song blends hard-hitting rap verses with a catchy chorus, serving up a potent mix of self-love, financial prowess, and subtle nods to contemporary female rap rivalries. The track has sparked discussions about authenticity, female empowerment, and the evolution of Latto's artistry, positioning her as a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop scene.

From the first pulsating beat, "Sunday Service" grabs your attention. Gone are the smooth, melodic flows of Latto's earlier hits; instead, she delivers fierce verses packed with braggadocio and lyrical dexterity. Lines like "I don't sing R&B but, btch, I'm really her, fck wrong with nggas?/How you let him cheat and take him back? Must be your only ngga/I get loud just like my weed, I don't watch my tone with nggas/I hang up the phone on nggas" showcase her unapologetic attitude and lyrical confidence.

However, beneath the surface of boastful rhymes lies a deeper message. Latto speaks of hard work and financial independence, declaring, "Twenty black Suburbans, we pull up like Sunday Service" and "I made a million while you tweetin', girl, you a service." These lyrics challenge stereotypical expectations of female rappers and highlight her dedication to financial success.

The infectious chorus, with its call-and-response structure, serves as a mantra for self-belief and female empowerment: "Do you rap or do you tweet? B*tch, I do both/Ain't no beef with these hoes, I got bigger goals/Million dollar mindset, pockets on swole/Everywhere I go, I make it unfold." Latto encourages listeners to focus on their own journeys and not get caught up in petty online drama, pushing a message of female solidarity and ambition.

The music video, directed by Jerritt Clark, further expands on the song's themes. Vibrant scenes depict Latto surrounded by luxury cars, diamonds, and a squad of confident women, visually reinforcing her success and self-assuredness. Interestingly, the video features crossed-out portraits of several female rappers, sparking speculation about potential industry rivalries and highlighting the competitive nature of the music industry.

"Sunday Service" has received mixed reactions. Some praise its catchy sound and empowering message, while others criticize its perceived materialism and braggadocio. Regardless of its reception, the song undeniably showcases Latto's artistic growth and willingness to experiment. She demonstrates her lyrical prowess while blending traditional hip-hop elements with contemporary trends, solidifying her position as a versatile and evolving artist.