K-Pop idol TEN, known for his energetic stage presence and versatile dance skills, took a bold artistic leap with his 2024 solo single "Nightwalker." The song and its accompanying music video delve into a darker, more introspective side of the artist, exploring themes of duality, temptation, and internal conflict. With its captivating melody, layered symbolism, and visually stunning music video, "Nightwalker" has garnered praise for its artistic ambition and TEN's willingness to push creative boundaries.

From the opening notes, the song sets an eerie mood with its minor key melody and haunting synths. TEN's vocals, usually bright and energetic, take on a deeper, more melancholic tone as he sings about being caught between two identities: "I walk under the moonlight / Two hearts beat inside me / Daybreak, I disappear / In the darkness, I reappear." These lyrics introduce the concept of duality, a recurring theme throughout the song and video.

The verses delve deeper into this internal conflict. Lines like "Can't escape the whispering voice / Telling me to break free / Lost in this maze of choices / Who am I meant to be?" showcase the struggle between light and dark, good and evil, that plagues the protagonist. The pre-chorus builds tension with its driving rhythm and layered vocals, leading into the explosive chorus: "I'm a nightwalker, lost in the shadows / Yearning for light, but drawn to the hollow / This endless maze, I wander alone / Will I ever find my way back home?"

The music video, directed by Flipevil, masterfully translates the song's symbolism into captivating visuals. TEN is depicted in contrasting settings: a bright, sterile room representing order and control, and a dark, chaotic warehouse symbolizing his wilder side. The use of mirrors and reflections further emphasizes the theme of duality, blurring the lines between reality and illusion. The video ends with TEN seemingly embracing the darkness, leaving viewers to ponder the fate of his internal struggle.

"Nightwalker" has received positive reviews for its artistic merit and exploration of complex themes. Fans and critics alike praise the song's unique sound, TEN's captivating vocals, and the thought-provoking music video. Some compare it to other K-Pop releases that explore darker concepts, while others commend TEN's willingness to step outside his comfort zone and showcase his artistic growth.

Beyond its initial impact, "Nightwalker" signifies a pivotal moment in TEN's career. It challenges conventional K-Pop aesthetics by venturing into darker territory, showcasing his artistic depth and versatility. Additionally, the song opens up conversations about mental health and internal struggles, topics rarely addressed directly in mainstream K-Pop. By embracing vulnerability and artistic risk-taking, TEN sets a precedent for other artists to explore more diverse and personal narratives.