J.Y. Park, the CEO of JYP Entertainment and veteran musician, teamed up with three of his hottest acts – Stray Kids, ITZY, and the newly debuted NMIXX – for the electrifying single "Like Magic." Released in February 2024 with a captivating music video, the song transcends genre boundaries, showcasing the diverse talents of each group and solidifying JYP's reputation for innovative music production.

"Like Magic" opens with a futuristic instrumental, a blend of electronic beats and pulsating bass that immediately sets the tone for a genre-bending journey. J.Y. Park takes the lead, rapping with smooth confidence, "This ain't a game, it's magic / We break the rules and rearrange it." These lines establish the song's core message – defying expectations and creating something truly unique.

The song then explodes into a kaleidoscope of styles. Stray Kids deliver their signature high-energy rap verses, showcasing their synchronized flow and powerful delivery. ITZY's charismatic vocals add a vibrant pop flair, while NMIXX's debut performance impresses with their edgy and experimental sound. Each group seamlessly blends their individual styles into the cohesive fabric of the song, creating a dynamic and unpredictable listening experience.

The music video mirrors the song's energy, showcasing each group in their distinct visual aesthetics. Stray Kids perform with fierce intensity in a neon-lit cityscape, ITZY rocks bold outfits and synchronized choreography on a theatrical stage, and NMIXX exudes futuristic vibes in a hyper-modern setting. These visually distinct sections are intercut with scenes of all four acts coming together, highlighting the collaborative spirit of the project.

Lyrically, "Like Magic" celebrates individuality and self-expression. Lines like "I'm not a clone, I'm one of a kind" and "We rewrite the story, yeah, we redefine" encourage listeners to embrace their unique qualities and defy conventional norms. This message resonates particularly with younger generations seeking to forge their own paths.

The song's title, "Like Magic," takes on multiple meanings throughout the track. It refers to the captivating power of music and performance, the unexpected synergy created by the collaboration, and the transformative potential of individuality. This multi-layered interpretation adds depth and intrigue to the song, inviting listeners to delve into its various meanings.

"Like Magic" is more than just a catchy song; it's a celebration of artistic freedom and collaboration. J.Y. Park's bold vision, combined with the distinct talents of each group, results in a genre-bending masterpiece that defies expectations and pushes creative boundaries. With its powerful message of individuality and its captivating blend of styles, "Like Magic" is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners worldwide.