Eladio Carrión and Milo J's "La Canción Feliz Del Disco" is a celebration of success. The song, released in 2024, is the lead single from Carrión's third studio album, "Los Favoritos."

The song opens with a booming bassline and Carrión's confident vocals. He raps about his journey to success, from his humble beginnings to his current status as one of the most popular rappers in Latin America.

Milo J joins Carrión on the chorus, adding his own unique flow to the song. The two rappers trade verses, each one bragging about their accomplishments.

The song's lyrics are full of confidence and swagger. Carrión and Milo J are not afraid to boast about their success, and they do so with a sense of humor and self-awareness.

The song's music video is equally upbeat and celebratory. It features Carrión and Milo J performing the song in front of a crowd of cheering fans. The video is full of color and energy, and it perfectly captures the song's message of success and celebration.

"La Canción Feliz Del Disco" is a catchy and upbeat song that is sure to get you moving. It is a celebration of success that is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever achieved their goals.