In ATEEZ's vast musical landscape, "IT's You (여상, 산, 우영)" shines as a beacon of introspective beauty. Released in October 2023, the song, featuring members YeoSang, San, and Wooyoung, departs from the group's high-energy anthems, delving into a dreamy wonderland of self-doubt, longing, and ultimately, self-acceptance.

A Dance with Shadows:

The music video opens with YeoSang, adorned in ethereal white, traversing a barren landscape under a blood-red moon. His graceful movements, accentuated by swirling smoke and fleeting shadows, establish a sense of unease and introspection. San and Wooyoung soon join him, each lost in their own world of doubts and uncertainties. The choreography, a blend of fluid contemporary and sharp popping, mirrors the internal conflict brewing within them, a dance with unseen fears and unspoken longings.

Lyrics that Weave a Tapestry of Emotions:

The lyrics delve deeper into the emotional turmoil. Lines like "내 안의 어둠 속에 숨은 너 (You hidden in the darkness within me)" and "찾아낼 수 없는 너를 그려내 (Drawing you, whom I can't find)" reveal a struggle to reconcile with hidden aspects of oneself. The yearning for understanding and acceptance echoes in phrases like "저 자신과 맞닿고 싶어 (I want to touch myself)" and "내가 빛날 수 있도록 (So that I can shine)."

Beyond the Dreamy Exterior:

While the aesthetics and theme suggest a fantastical escape, "IT's You" is rooted in relatable human emotions. The song tackles the universal struggle of self-discovery, the questioning of our shadows and flaws. It explores the disconnect we often feel between our desired selves and our perceived reality.

A Journey Towards Acceptance:

As the song progresses, a shift occurs. The melancholic melody gives way to a more hopeful undercurrent, reflecting the characters' tentative steps towards self-acceptance. The choreography becomes more synchronized, symbolizing a newfound unity with their internal struggles. The chorus, "It's you, it's you, 내 안의 별빛 (It's you, it's you, the starlight within me)," affirms that the answer lies within, in embracing even the hidden parts of ourselves.

A Bridge Between ATEEZ and Their Fans:

"IT's You" offers a glimpse into the vulnerability and emotional depth of ATEEZ, showcasing their artistic growth and willingness to explore different shades of emotion. It also resonates deeply with ATINYs, the group's dedicated fanbase, who see themselves reflected in the characters' journeys. The song serves as a reminder that the path to self-discovery is often difficult, but the rewards of acceptance and self-love are worth the journey.

So, when you enter the dreamscape of "IT's You," don't shy away from the shadows. Embrace the uncertainties and anxieties, for they are part of the journey. Let the song guide you towards accepting your hidden starlight, because within each of us lies a beauty waiting to be discovered.