Pyarr Tumse| Moods With Melodies The Album| Himesh Reshammiya| Salman Ali|Tiger Pop| Ishita| Parth

Pyaarr Tumse is a song composed by the maestro Himesh Reshammiya in a mood which can be described only in one word and that word is Aashiqana which signifies romance , but there is a twist and the twist is that this song is also about pain , heartbreak , dance , passion , anger , guilt and the quest of receiving abundance of love by your beloved besides romance , this melody is super special for rockstar composer Himesh Reshammiya as it’s completely different , very radicle yet very conventional , this song is a rule breaker in terms of arrangement and the composition sung beautifully by Salman Ali which also features dance sensation tiger pop With the cute lead pair Parth and Ishita Chauhan , the video and song will take you into a never ending journey of love. So Enjoy the journey without worrying about the destination ❤️