"Ya Supérame" is a Spanish-language song by the Mexican musical group Grupo Firme. The song is known for its traditional regional Mexican music style with a blend of norteño and banda influences.

Here are some key details about "Ya Supérame" by Grupo Firme:

Release: "Ya Supérame" was released as a single in 2021. It marked Grupo Firme's contribution to the regional Mexican music scene, where they are well-known for their norteño and banda music.

Genre: The song falls within the regional Mexican music genre, characterized by its accordion-driven melodies, brass instruments, and themes often revolving around love, heartbreak, and personal experiences.

Lyrics: The lyrics of "Ya Supérame" likely explore themes commonly found in regional Mexican music, particularly those related to love, relationships, and the pain of heartbreak. The title "Ya Supérame" can be translated to "Already Get Over Me" in English, indicating the theme of moving on from a past relationship.

Success: "Ya Supérame" received commercial success and garnered millions of streams and views on digital platforms. Grupo Firme's authentic and heartfelt approach to regional Mexican music has contributed to their popularity.

Grupo Firme is a well-established musical group in the regional Mexican music scene, known for their distinctive sound and heartfelt lyrics. "Ya Supérame" is another example of their ability to create emotionally resonant songs that appeal to fans of regional Mexican music. The song carries the traditional style of the genre and is likely to be enjoyed by those who appreciate norteño and banda music.