"This Christmas" is a holiday song originally performed by American singer and actor Donny Hathaway. Chris Brown, an American singer, dancer, and actor, covered the song for the soundtrack of the 2007 movie "This Christmas," in which he also starred. Chris Brown's version of "This Christmas" has become one of the modern renditions of the classic holiday song.

Here are some key details about "This Christmas" by Chris Brown:

Cover: Chris Brown's version of "This Christmas" was featured in the movie "This Christmas" and was included on the film's soundtrack. The song was released in 2007.

Genre: The song falls within the Christmas and holiday music genre. Chris Brown's rendition retains the soulful and joyful spirit of the original while incorporating his own style.

Lyrics: The lyrics of "This Christmas" express the artist's excitement and anticipation for the holiday season, a time for love and celebration. The song captures the festive mood and the happiness that comes with being with loved ones during Christmas.

Success: Chris Brown's version of "This Christmas" has become a modern holiday classic and is frequently played on the radio and featured in Christmas playlists. It's celebrated for its smooth R&B sound and the artist's vocal performance.

The original version of "This Christmas" by Donny Hathaway was released in 1970 and has since become a holiday staple. Chris Brown's cover pays homage to the classic while infusing his own style and making the song accessible to a new generation of listeners.