"The Feels" is a song by the South Korean girl group TWICE. The song was released in 2021 as a digital single.

Here are some key details about "The Feels" by TWICE:

Release: "The Feels" was released as a digital single by TWICE in 2021. It marked the group's return to the music scene.

Genre: The song falls within the K-pop genre, which is known for its catchy melodies, impressive choreography, and vibrant music videos.

Lyrics: The lyrics of "The Feels" may revolve around themes commonly found in K-pop music, such as love, relationships, and emotions. However, specific details about the song's lyrics would require a more in-depth analysis.

Success: TWICE is one of the most popular and successful girl groups in the K-pop industry, and their songs often receive significant attention and chart well. "The Feels" was no exception and garnered a large number of views and streams.

"The Feels" by TWICE showcases the group's signature catchy and upbeat sound. It is likely enjoyed by fans of TWICE and K-pop enthusiasts who appreciate the group's music and performances.