The song "ແພງອ້າຍ (แพงอ้าย)" features several artists from Laos and is a popular Lao-language track. Here are some key details about the song and the artists involved:

Title: The title "ແພງອ້າຍ (แพงอ้าย)" can be transliterated to "Pheng Ai" or "Pheng Ai Lao," which means "Expensive, Darling" in English.

Collaboration: The song appears to be a collaborative effort, featuring multiple artists, including Sophana, Nutdao, Mild & Mint, and Bigyai. Collaborative songs like this are common in the music scene, allowing artists to showcase their talents together.

Genre: Lao music often combines traditional elements with contemporary influences. The genre of "ແພງອ້າຍ (แพงอ้าย)" could encompass various styles, including Lao pop, traditional, and more.

Lyrics: The lyrics of the song would likely explore themes related to love, relationships, or personal experiences, as is often the case in Lao music.

Popularity: While the specifics of the song's release date, success, and background may vary, Lao music holds a special place in the cultural landscape of Laos and among the Lao diaspora.

Lao music is diverse and rich in cultural influences. "ແພງອ້າຍ (แพงอ้าย)" likely appeals to fans of Lao music who appreciate the blending of traditional and contemporary elements in the music. If you have more specific questions about the song or its artists, please provide additional details, and I'll do my best to assist further.