"Shake Up Christmas" is a Christmas song by the American rock band Train. The song was released in 2010 as part of the album "Save Me, San Francisco." It quickly gained popularity and became a festive favorite during the holiday season.

Here are some key details about "Shake Up Christmas" by Train:

Release: "Shake Up Christmas" was released as a single in 2010 and was included on Train's album "Save Me, San Francisco." The song was subsequently featured in various Christmas-themed compilations and playlists.

Genre: The song falls within the Christmas and holiday music genre. It features a catchy and upbeat melody with a rock-infused sound.

Lyrics: The lyrics of "Shake Up Christmas" express the joy and festive spirit of the holiday season, emphasizing the importance of coming together and celebrating with loved ones.

Success: The song has become a popular addition to holiday playlists and is frequently played on the radio during the Christmas season. It has been used in various Christmas-themed commercials and films.

"Shake Up Christmas" by Train is an upbeat and festive song that captures the joyful and celebratory mood of the holiday season. It has become a beloved Christmas classic enjoyed by many during this time of year.