"Okey Oka Lokam" is a Telugu song from the soundtrack of the Indian Telugu-language film "Sashi," released in 2021. The song is notable for its soulful and melodious composition, featuring vocals by the renowned singer Sid Sriram.

Here are some key details about "Okey Oka Lokam" from the film "Sashi":

Film: "Sashi" is an Indian Telugu-language romantic drama film released in 2021. The movie's soundtrack, including "Okey Oka Lokam," was well-received by the audience.

Singer: The song is beautifully rendered by Sid Sriram, a versatile playback singer known for his emotive and soulful vocals.

Genre: "Okey Oka Lokam" falls within the romantic and melodic genre. It features a combination of soothing melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

Lyrics: The song's lyrics likely convey themes of love, emotions, and the beauty of romantic moments.

Success: "Okey Oka Lokam" received positive feedback for its soul-stirring melody and Sid Sriram's captivating rendition. The song garnered popularity both for its musicality and the film's emotional context.

Sid Sriram's distinct singing style and the heartfelt composition make "Okey Oka Lokam" a standout track in the "Sashi" soundtrack. It is likely to appeal to fans of Telugu film music who appreciate emotionally charged and melodious songs.