"Los Dioses" is a collaborative album by Puerto Rican reggaeton artists Anuel AA and Ozuna. The album was released in 2021 and is a significant project in the Latin urban music scene. It includes a collection of songs, some of which are notable collaborations between the two artists.

Here are some key details about "Los Dioses" by Anuel AA and Ozuna:

Release: "Los Dioses" was released as an album in early 2021. The project was highly anticipated by fans of both Anuel AA and Ozuna, as it marked their first full-length collaborative effort.

Genre: The album falls within the reggaeton and Latin urban genres, known for their rhythmic beats, melodic hooks, and themes often related to love, relationships, lifestyle, and personal experiences.

Collaboration: "Los Dioses" showcases the collaborative efforts of Anuel AA and Ozuna, two of the most prominent figures in the Latin urban music industry. The project allowed them to combine their talents and styles, creating a dynamic musical experience.

Success: "Los Dioses" received commercial success and attention from fans and critics. The album includes a mix of energetic and melodic tracks, highlighting the versatility of both artists.

The title "Los Dioses" translates to "The Gods" in English, and the album's title suggests the immense influence and impact Anuel AA and Ozuna have had in the Latin urban music world. The project is a testament to the ongoing evolution and creativity within the reggaeton and Latin urban genres. It's likely to appeal to fans of both artists and the Latin urban music scene as a whole.