"Hot Sauce" is a Korean song by the South Korean boy band NCT Dream (엔시티 드림). It's the title track of their 1st full-length album, "맛 (Hot Sauce)," which was released in 2021. The album and song were well-received and marked the return of NCT Dream with a more mature and dynamic sound.

Here are some key details about "Hot Sauce" by NCT Dream:

Release: "Hot Sauce" was released as the title track of NCT Dream's first full-length album, "맛 (Hot Sauce)," in May 2021.

Genre: The song falls within the K-pop genre, characterized by its catchy melodies, intricate choreography, and a blend of various musical elements.

Lyrics: "Hot Sauce" features lyrics in Korean and is known for its playful and fun lyrics. The term "맛 (Hot Sauce)" translates to "taste" in English, and the song's lyrics playfully compare a person's presence to a spicy and flavorful sauce.

Success: "Hot Sauce" received commercial success and garnered millions of views on YouTube, along with widespread recognition among K-pop fans. The album also marked the group's growth and transition into a more mature concept.

NCT Dream is a subunit of the South Korean boy band NCT under SM Entertainment, known for their youthful and dynamic style. "Hot Sauce" showcases their musical and performance prowess, and the song is likely to appeal to K-pop enthusiasts who appreciate a mix of catchy tunes and impressive choreography.