"Gone" is a song by South Korean singer ROSÉ, who is a member of the popular K-pop girl group BLACKPINK. The song was released as part of her debut single album titled "R" on March 12, 2021.

Here are some key details about "Gone" by ROSÉ:

Release: "Gone" is one of the tracks featured on ROSÉ's debut solo single album "R." The album marked ROSÉ's solo debut, following her success with BLACKPINK.

Genre: "Gone" falls within the K-pop genre and is characterized by its emotive and melodic style, featuring ROSÉ's powerful vocals.

Lyrics: The lyrics of "Gone" convey a sense of loneliness and loss, as the singer reflects on the emptiness that remains after a relationship has ended. The song explores themes of heartbreak and longing.

Success: "Gone" was well-received by fans and critics. It further established ROSÉ as a solo artist in addition to her role in BLACKPINK.

ROSÉ's solo debut was highly anticipated by fans, and "Gone" showcased her ability to deliver emotionally charged performances. The song, along with her other solo releases, has been celebrated for its expressive vocals and poignant lyrics. ROSÉ's solo career continues to thrive, and she has solidified her position as a prominent artist in the K-pop industry.