"Everyday Is Christmas" is a Christmas album by the Australian singer-songwriter Sia, released in 2017. The album features a collection of original Christmas songs, and its title track, "Santa's Coming for Us," "Snowman," and "Underneath the Mistletoe," among others.

Here are some key details about "Everyday Is Christmas" by Sia:

Release: The album "Everyday Is Christmas" was released in November 2017, just in time for the holiday season.

Genre: The album falls within the Christmas and holiday music genre. Sia's take on traditional holiday themes infuses her distinctive pop and contemporary style.

Original Songs: "Everyday Is Christmas" is unique in that it features original Christmas songs written by Sia and her frequent collaborator Greg Kurstin. These songs offer fresh and contemporary takes on holiday themes.

Success: The album was well-received by fans and the music community, and its songs continue to be played on the radio and in various holiday playlists.

Sia is known for her distinctive voice and songwriting talents, and her Christmas album showcases her ability to bring a fresh perspective to holiday music. "Everyday Is Christmas" has become a part of the holiday music catalog and is enjoyed by listeners during the Christmas season.