"Batom De Cereja (Aqui E Agora)" is a popular Brazilian song performed by the country music duo Israel & Rodolffo. Here's more information about the song:


Israel & Rodolffo: Israel & Rodolffo is a Brazilian country music duo consisting of Israel Antônio Ribeiro and Wellinton Rodrigues. They are known for their contributions to the Brazilian sertanejo music scene.

Genre and Style: "Batom De Cereja" falls into the sertanejo genre, which is a popular style of Brazilian country music. Sertanejo songs often feature themes related to love, relationships, and everyday life in Brazil. The song incorporates elements of modern sertanejo and has a catchy and upbeat melody.

Lyrics and Theme: The song's lyrics revolve around the sensual and romantic metaphor of a cherry lipstick stain on a wine glass ("Batom De Cereja" translates to "Cherry Lipstick" in English). The song's narrative explores themes of love, passion, and desire, using the imagery of the lipstick as a symbol of a passionate encounter.

Music and Production: "Batom De Cereja" features a lively and danceable melody with a prominent acoustic guitar sound, which is characteristic of sertanejo music. The song's production is modern and radio-friendly, making it a popular choice for both traditional country music fans and a broader Brazilian audience.

Music Video: The music video for "Batom De Cereja" complements the song's sensual theme with scenes of romantic encounters and dancing. It enhances the visual storytelling of the song's lyrics.

Commercial Success: "Batom De Cereja" received significant attention in Brazil and became a commercial success, achieving high chart positions and accumulating millions of streams on digital platforms. It contributed to Israel & Rodolffo's continued success in the Brazilian music industry.

"Batom De Cereja (Aqui E Agora)" is a catchy and romantic sertanejo song that resonated with audiences in Brazil. It showcases the duo's talent for blending traditional country music elements with modern production, making it a popular addition to the sertanejo genre.