"Bad Habits" is a song by British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. Here's what you should know about the song:

Release: "Bad Habits" was released as a single by Ed Sheeran on June 25, 2021. It marked his first solo single in nearly four years.

Genre: The song is primarily classified as a pop song, but it also incorporates elements of dance-pop and electropop. It has an upbeat and catchy sound.

Lyrics: "Bad Habits" explores the theme of self-destructive behavior and the struggle to break free from unhealthy habits. The lyrics depict a narrative of indulging in vices and seeking temporary escape from reality.

Music Video: The music video for "Bad Habits" features Ed Sheeran portraying a vampire who indulges in nighttime activities, including partying and mischief. The video complements the song's theme of succumbing to temptations.

Chart Performance: The song received widespread acclaim and performed well on music charts internationally. It reached the top of the UK Singles Chart and also achieved success in several other countries.

Success: "Bad Habits" became a commercial hit and marked Ed Sheeran's return to the music scene after a hiatus. It was praised for its infectious melody and catchy chorus.

Live Performances: Ed Sheeran has performed "Bad Habits" live on various occasions, including at music awards shows and during promotional events.

Collaborators: The song was co-written by Ed Sheeran along with a team of songwriters, including Fred Gibson, Johnny McDaid, and others. It was produced by Fred Gibson.

Album: "Bad Habits" was released as a standalone single but is also expected to be part of Ed Sheeran's upcoming album.

"Bad Habits" showcases Ed Sheeran's ability to create pop anthems with memorable melodies and relatable lyrics. Its success contributed to his continued status as one of the leading artists in contemporary pop music.