"Baby Me Atende" is a Brazilian song performed by Matheus Fernandes in collaboration with Dilsinho. Here's some information about the song:

Release and Genre:

The song falls within the genre of Brazilian Sertanejo, which is a popular style of country music in Brazil. It combines traditional country elements with modern pop and romantic themes.

Lyrics and Theme:

"Baby Me Atende" is a romantic song that revolves around themes of love and longing. The lyrics express the desire to reconnect with someone special and rekindle a romantic relationship.

The song's title, "Baby Me Atende," translates to "Baby, Answer Me" in English, which reflects the theme of trying to reach out and communicate with a loved one.


Matheus Fernandes is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and musician known for his contributions to the Sertanejo and Forró genres. He gained popularity for his romantic ballads and energetic performances.

Dilsinho is also a Brazilian singer and songwriter known for his work in various music genres, including Pagode and Sertanejo. He is recognized for his smooth vocal style and romantic songs.


"Baby Me Atende" received positive feedback from fans and listeners who appreciated its romantic lyrics and catchy melody.

The collaboration between Matheus Fernandes and Dilsinho brought together two prominent artists in the Brazilian music scene, contributing to the song's popularity.

The music video for the song, which features both artists, also garnered views on popular video-sharing platforms.

Overall, "Baby Me Atende" is a romantic Sertanejo song that showcases the talents of Matheus Fernandes and Dilsinho. It resonated with fans of Brazilian music and added to the repertoire of romantic ballads within the genre.