"Baarish Ban Jaana" is a Hindi song that was released in 2021. Here's more information about the song:


Payal Dev: Payal Dev is a versatile Indian playback singer and composer known for her work in Bollywood music. She has lent her voice to various hit songs in the Hindi film industry.

Stebin Ben: Stebin Ben is a singer and music composer who has gained popularity for his soulful and romantic songs in the Indian music scene.

Genre and Style: "Baarish Ban Jaana" is a romantic Hindi song that falls within the pop and Bollywood music genres. It is characterized by its melodious tune and lyrics that evoke the feelings of love and longing.

Lyrics and Theme: The song's lyrics revolve around the theme of love and longing. The singers express their desire for the rain to come and bring their loved ones closer. It's a romantic and heartfelt song that captures the emotions associated with love and the monsoon season.

Music and Production: The song features a soothing melody with a mix of traditional Indian musical elements and contemporary music production. It has a mellow and romantic sound that complements the lyrics.

Music Video: The music video for "Baarish Ban Jaana" features the artists Payal Dev and Stebin Ben, and it depicts a love story set against the backdrop of a rainy day. The visuals capture the romantic essence of the song.

Commercial Success: "Baarish Ban Jaana" received positive feedback from listeners and garnered millions of views on video-sharing platforms like YouTube. It resonated with audiences who enjoy romantic Bollywood songs.

Overall, "Baarish Ban Jaana" is a romantic Hindi song that showcases the talents of Payal Dev and Stebin Ben. It adds to the collection of heartfelt and melodious songs in the Bollywood music industry.