"Tremor" is an electronic dance music (EDM) track produced by the Belgian DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike in collaboration with Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix. It was released in 2014 and quickly became a popular anthem in the EDM scene. Here's more information about the song:

Genre and Style: "Tremor" is a big room house and progressive house track. It features a high-energy, festival-friendly sound characterized by pounding beats, catchy melodies, and a buildup to a climactic drop.

Production Collaboration: The song is a collaborative effort between Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Martin Garrix, three prominent figures in the EDM world. This collaboration brought together their respective talents and fan bases.

Instrumentation: "Tremor" is driven by electronic synthesizers, pulsating basslines, and hard-hitting drum patterns. The track's instrumental components contribute to its high-energy and infectious nature.

Vocalization: Unlike many EDM tracks, "Tremor" does not feature traditional vocal lyrics. Instead, it relies on the instrumental elements and vocal chants to create its energy and excitement.

Live Performances: "Tremor" has been a staple in the live sets of all three artists, particularly at major music festivals and electronic music events. Its festival-friendly sound and infectious melodies make it a crowd-pleaser in a live setting.

Commercial Success: The song achieved commercial success, receiving significant airplay and charting in various countries. It also became a popular choice for remixes and mashups in the EDM community.

Music Video: The official music video for "Tremor" features footage from live performances and festivals where Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Martin Garrix have played the track. It captures the electrifying atmosphere of their shows.

Impact: "Tremor" is remembered as a standout track in the big room house and progressive house subgenres of EDM. Its infectious melody and high-energy drop have made it a favorite among DJs and fans alike.

Overall, "Tremor" is a high-energy EDM track that showcases the collaborative talents of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Martin Garrix. Its festival-friendly sound and infectious melodies have solidified its place as a popular anthem in the electronic music world, and it continues to be a favorite in the playlists of EDM enthusiasts and DJs.