"One Time" is the debut single by Canadian singer Justin Bieber. The song was released in 2009 and marked the beginning of Justin Bieber's meteoric rise to fame. It is a pop and R&B-infused track that introduced Bieber to a global audience and set the stage for his successful music career. Here's more information about the song:

Genre and Style: "One Time" is primarily classified as a pop and R&B song. It features a youthful and catchy melody, characteristic of Bieber's early sound.

Vocals: Justin Bieber provides the vocals for the song, showcasing his youthful and boyish singing style. At the time of its release, Bieber's voice was still in its teenage years, and his vocal performance resonated with a young audience.

Lyrics and Theme: The lyrics of "One Time" revolve around themes of young love and infatuation. The song expresses the excitement and joy of experiencing a special moment with someone for the first time. It conveys a sense of youthful romance and innocence.

Catchy Chorus: "One Time" is known for its catchy and memorable chorus, featuring the lines "One time, one time / When I met you girl, my heart went knock, knock."

Commercial Success: The song achieved significant commercial success, reaching high positions on music charts in various countries. It was a chart-topping hit in Canada and a top 20 hit in the United States.

Music Video: The music video for "One Time" features Justin Bieber spending time with friends and performing for a small audience. It reflects the song's youthful and carefree theme.

Debut Single: "One Time" served as Justin Bieber's debut single and marked the beginning of his music career. It was released when Bieber was just 15 years old, making him one of the youngest artists to achieve mainstream success in the music industry.

Album "My World": "One Time" is part of Justin Bieber's debut EP, "My World," released in 2009. The EP introduced Bieber to a global audience and included other hit tracks like "One Less Lonely Girl" and "Favorite Girl."

Cultural Impact: "One Time" is remembered as the song that catapulted Justin Bieber to fame. It established him as a teen heartthrob and paved the way for his subsequent albums and chart-topping hits.

Live Performances: Justin Bieber has performed "One Time" at various live events, concerts, and television shows, often eliciting enthusiastic responses from his fans.

Overall, "One Time" is a catchy and youthful pop and R&B song that marked the beginning of Justin Bieber's successful music career. Its infectious melody and relatable lyrics resonated with a young audience, making Bieber a prominent figure in the music industry and a symbol of teenage pop culture during the late 2000s.