"Low Life" is a hip-hop song by American rapper Future featuring Canadian singer-songwriter The Weeknd. It was released in 2016 as part of Future's fourth studio album, "EVOL." The song is known for its dark and atmospheric sound, exploring themes of hedonism, excess, and a disregard for societal norms. Here's more information about the song:

Genre and Style: "Low Life" falls into the hip-hop and R&B genres. The song features a trap-influenced beat, moody production, and both rapped and sung vocals.

Vocals: Future provides the rapped verses, while The Weeknd contributes the sung chorus and additional vocals. Their distinct vocal styles complement the song's dark and brooding atmosphere.

Lyrics and Theme: The lyrics of "Low Life" revolve around a lifestyle of indulgence and recklessness. The song's narrators boast about their extravagant and hedonistic lifestyles, which include partying, drug use, and a disregard for conventional values. Despite the reckless behavior, they express a sense of pride and defiance in living life on their own terms.

Catchy Chorus: The Weeknd's chorus features the catchy lines "High, high, get, get, get, get, get, gettin' you some / Hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit the jackpot, babe."

Commercial Success: "Low Life" achieved commercial success, receiving radio airplay and charting on music charts. It became a notable track in both Future and The Weeknd's discographies.

Music Video: The music video for "Low Life" features Future and The Weeknd in various surreal and darkly atmospheric settings, reflecting the song's themes of excess and hedonism.

Album "EVOL": "Low Life" is part of Future's album "EVOL," which was released in 2016. The album features a mix of trap and hip-hop tracks, showcasing Future's lyrical prowess and unique style.

Cultural Impact: The song is remembered as one of Future and The Weeknd's collaborations and as a track that embodies the hedonistic and rebellious themes often associated with trap music.

Live Performances: Future and The Weeknd have performed "Low Life" together at various live events and concerts, delighting audiences with their chemistry on stage.

Overall, "Low Life" is a dark and moody hip-hop track that features Future's rap prowess and The Weeknd's soulful vocals. It explores themes of hedonism and excess and reflects the unconventional and rebellious spirit often associated with the trap music genre. The song's catchy chorus and atmospheric production have made it a notable collaboration between two prominent artists in the hip-hop and R&B scenes.