"Lips Are Movin" is a pop song by American singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor. It was released in 2014 as the second single from her debut studio album, "Title." The song is characterized by its upbeat and catchy melody, and it follows a theme of dishonesty and broken promises in a relationship. Here's more information about the song:

Genre and Style: "Lips Are Movin" falls into the pop genre with elements of doo-wop and retro-inspired pop. It features a lively, uptempo beat and a melody that harkens back to the girl group sound of the 1960s.

Vocals: Meghan Trainor provides the lead vocals for the song, showcasing her distinctive vocal style.

Lyrics and Theme: The lyrics of "Lips Are Movin" address a partner's dishonesty and unfaithfulness in a relationship. The singer calls out her partner for making empty promises and lying. She recognizes the signs of deceit, including the partner's lips moving when they are not telling the truth. The chorus includes lines like "Your lips are movin', baby / Tell me do you think I'm dumb? / I might be young, but I ain't stupid."

Catchy Chorus: The song is known for its catchy and repetitive chorus, with the phrase "Your lips are movin'" becoming a memorable part of the track.

Commercial Success: "Lips Are Movin" achieved commercial success, receiving radio airplay and charting on various music charts. It followed the success of Meghan Trainor's breakthrough hit, "All About That Bass."

Album "Title": The song is part of Meghan Trainor's debut studio album, "Title," which was released in 2015. The album features a mix of pop and doo-wop-inspired tracks, showcasing Trainor's vocal versatility.

Cultural Impact: "Lips Are Movin" is remembered as a fun and upbeat pop song that reinforced Meghan Trainor's presence in the pop music scene.

Music Video: The music video for the song features Meghan Trainor in a colorful and retro-inspired setting. It complements the song's playful theme and adds a visual element to the music.

Live Performances: Meghan Trainor has performed "Lips Are Movin" at various live events, including awards shows and her own concerts, often incorporating it into her setlist.

Overall, "Lips Are Movin" is a catchy and lively pop song by Meghan Trainor that addresses themes of dishonesty and broken promises in a relationship. Its upbeat melody and playful lyrics contributed to its popularity in the pop music landscape.