"Feel This Moment" is a pop and dance-pop song by American rapper Pitbull featuring American singer Christina Aguilera. It was released in 2012 as a single from Pitbull's seventh studio album, "Global Warming." The song incorporates elements of electronic dance music and prominently samples the melody from the 1985 hit "Take On Me" by the Norwegian band a-ha. Here's more information about the song:

Genre and Style: "Feel This Moment" combines pop and dance-pop elements with an electronic dance music (EDM) vibe. It features an energetic beat and a catchy melody.

Vocals: Pitbull provides the rap verses in the song, while Christina Aguilera contributes the vocals for the chorus and a bridge section.

Sampling: One of the defining features of "Feel This Moment" is its use of a prominent sample from a-ha's "Take On Me." The instantly recognizable synth riff and melody from "Take On Me" are woven into the song's production.

Lyrics and Theme: The lyrics of "Feel This Moment" celebrate the present moment and living life to the fullest. The song encourages seizing the moment, dancing, and enjoying the music. The chorus includes lines like "I just wanna feel this moment."

Commercial Success: "Feel This Moment" achieved commercial success, receiving extensive radio airplay and charting on various music charts. It became one of the notable tracks from Pitbull's "Global Warming" album.

Album "Global Warming": The song is part of Pitbull's album "Global Warming," released in 2012. The album features a mix of pop and dance tracks, reflecting Pitbull's signature style.

Cultural Impact: "Feel This Moment" is remembered for its catchy melody and the use of the "Take On Me" sample, which appealed to fans of the original song and introduced it to a new generation.

Music Video: The music video for "Feel This Moment" incorporates visuals from Pitbull's performances and showcases various iconic moments in pop culture history. It complements the song's theme of celebrating memorable moments.

Live Performances: Pitbull and Christina Aguilera have performed "Feel This Moment" together at various live events and award shows. The song's energetic and danceable quality makes it well-suited for live performances.

Overall, "Feel This Moment" is a pop and dance-pop collaboration between Pitbull and Christina Aguilera that incorporates a sample from a-ha's "Take On Me." Its catchy melody and upbeat message about seizing the moment contributed to its success within the pop music landscape.