"Dangerous Woman" is a song by American singer Ariana Grande. It was released as the title track and lead single from her third studio album of the same name, "Dangerous Woman," in 2016. Here's more information about the song:

Genre and Style: "Dangerous Woman" is primarily categorized as a pop and R&B song. It features a sultry and seductive sound, showcasing Ariana Grande's vocal prowess.


Ariana Grande: Ariana Grande is an American singer, songwriter, and actress known for her powerful vocals and contributions to the pop music scene. She has achieved international fame with hits like "Problem," "Bang Bang," and "Thank U, Next."

Lyrics and Theme: The lyrics of "Dangerous Woman" convey themes of sensuality, empowerment, and self-confidence. The song's narrator expresses a desire to embrace her inner strength and unleash her "dangerous" side in a romantic relationship. The lyrics explore themes of self-assuredness and embracing one's sexuality.

Commercial Success: "Dangerous Woman" was a commercial success and charted well in various countries. It received positive critical acclaim and showcased Ariana Grande's vocal range and versatility.

Music Video: The music video for the song features Ariana Grande in various seductive and elegant settings, complementing the song's themes. The video has amassed millions of views on platforms like YouTube.

Live Performances: Ariana Grande has performed "Dangerous Woman" at various live events and concerts, often showcasing her vocal abilities through impressive live renditions of the song.

Cultural Impact: The song became a symbol of Ariana Grande's transition from her earlier pop image to a more mature and confident artist. It received attention for its sultry sound and marked a departure from her previous work.

Legacy: "Dangerous Woman" remains one of Ariana Grande's signature songs and is often cited as a standout track in her discography. It contributed to her continued success and evolution as an artist.

Awards and Recognition: While the song may not have won major awards, it received positive critical acclaim and contributed to Ariana Grande's growing reputation as a talented vocalist and artist.

Overall, "Dangerous Woman" by Ariana Grande is a seductive and empowering pop and R&B song known for its sultry sound and Ariana's impressive vocal performance. It marked a significant moment in her career and remains a favorite among her fans.