"Candy Shop" is a hip-hop and R&B song by American rapper 50 Cent, featuring singer Olivia. It was released in 2005 as the second single from 50 Cent's second studio album, "The Massacre." The song is known for its catchy melody, sensual lyrics, and its place in the hip-hop and R&B landscape of the mid-2000s. Here's more information about the song:

Genre and Style: "Candy Shop" is primarily a hip-hop and R&B song with elements of pop. It features a seductive and melodic production with a smooth beat.

Vocals: 50 Cent provides the rap verses, while Olivia contributes the sultry vocals in the chorus and bridge.

Lyrics and Theme: The lyrics of "Candy Shop" explore themes of desire, sensuality, and attraction. The song uses candy as a metaphor for physical and sexual attraction, with lines like "I'll take you to the candy shop / I'll let you lick the lollipop." The lyrics are suggestive and playfully provocative, contributing to the song's seductive atmosphere.

Catchy Chorus: The song's chorus, sung by Olivia, is highly catchy and features the memorable "I'll take you to the candy shop" refrain.

Music Video: The music video for "Candy Shop" features 50 Cent and Olivia in various luxurious and provocative settings, further emphasizing the song's sensual themes.

Commercial Success: "Candy Shop" achieved significant commercial success, receiving extensive radio airplay and charting in multiple countries. It became one of 50 Cent's most successful singles and contributed to the success of his album "The Massacre."

Album "The Massacre": The song is part of 50 Cent's album "The Massacre," which was released in 2005. The album received commercial and critical acclaim and solidified 50 Cent's status as a prominent rapper in the hip-hop industry.

Cultural Impact: "Candy Shop" is remembered as a hit song from the mid-2000s hip-hop and R&B era. Its suggestive lyrics and catchy melody made it a memorable track in 50 Cent's discography.

Legacy: The song has been referenced and sampled in various other songs and has been featured in popular culture, contributing to its lasting influence in the hip-hop and R&B genres.

Overall, "Candy Shop" is a hip-hop and R&B hit by 50 Cent featuring Olivia, known for its catchy melody and suggestive lyrics. It became one of 50 Cent's signature songs and remains a notable track in the hip-hop and R&B landscape of the mid-2000s.