"White Iverson" is a song by American rapper and singer Post Malone. It was released as a single in February 2015 and later included on his debut studio album, "Stoney," which was released in 2016. The song played a significant role in catapulting Post Malone to fame and establishing his unique blend of hip-hop, R&B, and pop.

Key aspects of "White Iverson" include:

Title and Meaning: The song's title, "White Iverson," refers to former professional basketball player Allen Iverson, who was known for his exceptional skills on the basketball court. The title juxtaposes Iverson's cultural significance with Post Malone's personal experiences.

Genre and Style: "White Iverson" is characterized by its blend of hip-hop, R&B, and melodic elements. Post Malone's distinct vocal delivery, which combines singing and rapping, contributes to the song's unique style.

Lyrics and Themes: The song's lyrics touch on themes of success, fame, and self-confidence. Post Malone reflects on his journey to achieving his dreams and compares himself to Allen Iverson as a metaphor for his own rise to prominence.

Sound and Production: The song features a laid-back, hazy instrumental that incorporates elements of trap beats and guitar-driven melodies. This production style became a hallmark of Post Malone's early music.

Virality and Impact: "White Iverson" gained attention through online platforms, especially SoundCloud and YouTube, and quickly went viral. Its catchy melody and relatable lyrics resonated with listeners, helping to build Post Malone's fan base.

Career Breakthrough: The success of "White Iverson" played a pivotal role in Post Malone's career. It brought him to the attention of major record labels, leading to his signing with Republic Records and the eventual release of his debut album, "Stoney."

Cultural Significance: The song's title and its references to basketball and pop culture contributed to its cultural impact. The term "White Iverson" has become a colloquial term used to describe someone who excels in their field, referencing both Allen Iverson's basketball skills and Post Malone's musical talent.

"White Iverson" marked the beginning of Post Malone's ascent to stardom and remains one of his most recognizable and influential tracks. It's a song that showcases his signature sound and style, which would go on to shape the landscape of modern hip-hop and pop music.