"Vaina Loca" is a song by Puerto Rican reggaeton and Latin trap artist Ozuna, in collaboration with Colombian singer Manuel Turizo. It was released in 2018 as a single.

"Vaina Loca" is characterized by its infectious reggaeton beat and catchy melody. The song's title, "Vaina Loca," translates to "Crazy Thing" in English, and the lyrics revolve around a playful and flirtatious narrative. The artists sing about a spontaneous and passionate encounter with a woman, capturing the excitement and energy of the moment.

The song's production combines reggaeton elements with a modern urban sound, featuring a mix of electronic and tropical instrumentation. Ozuna and Manuel Turizo's vocal performances complement each other, adding to the song's dynamic and energetic vibe.

"Vaina Loca" received positive feedback from both fans and music critics for its catchy melody and danceable rhythm. The song's upbeat and lighthearted nature contributed to its popularity within the Latin music community.

The music video for "Vaina Loca" features Ozuna and Manuel Turizo in various vibrant settings, showcasing their charisma and chemistry. The video's visuals capture the carefree and fun atmosphere of the song.

Upon its release, "Vaina Loca" became a hit in the Latin music scene, reaching high positions on various music charts and streaming platforms. The song's catchy hook and danceable rhythm made it a popular choice at parties, clubs, and other social events.

Overall, "Vaina Loca" is considered a successful collaboration between Ozuna and Manuel Turizo, showcasing their individual styles and contributing to the growth of urban Latin music. It remains a favorite among fans of reggaeton and Latin pop.