"Travesuras" is a song by Puerto Rican reggaeton singer and songwriter Nicky Jam. It was released in 2014 as the lead single from his seventh studio album, "The Black Carpet."

"Travesuras" is a reggaeton track with a catchy and upbeat melody. The song's lighthearted and playful lyrics add to its appeal, making it a popular choice for dance parties and clubs.

The song was written by Nicky Jam, Juan Medina Vélez, and Cristhian Mena. It was produced by Saga WhiteBlack, a well-known reggaeton producer.

Lyrically, "Travesuras" is about a guy who falls for a girl and is willing to do anything to win her heart. The lyrics playfully describe the mischievous and daring antics the protagonist is willing to engage in to impress and woo the girl he desires.

Upon its release, "Travesuras" became a commercial success and further cemented Nicky Jam's position as a prominent figure in the reggaeton music scene. The song's catchy chorus and danceable rhythm made it a favorite among fans of the genre.

The music video for "Travesuras" features Nicky Jam performing the song in various urban settings, showcasing the vibrant and energetic atmosphere of the reggaeton culture.

"Travesuras" played a significant role in Nicky Jam's comeback to the music industry, as it marked a successful return to the limelight after facing personal and professional challenges in the years leading up to its release. The song's popularity helped reignite Nicky Jam's career and set the stage for his subsequent hits.

Over the years, "Travesuras" has remained a fan favorite and continues to be a well-loved track in Nicky Jam's discography. It remains a staple in his live performances and playlists, keeping its place as one of the reggaeton classics of the mid-2010s.